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Specialist Rosehip Range

The Cloud & Rosehip Activator

A cloudy mix full of shrimps and daphnia combined with a rosehip activator...
The cloud rosehip activator
Price: £3.99 - £7.99
View The Cloud & Rosehip Activator

Rosehip Groundbait - 900g

Rosehip groundbait has multi purpose attractors...
Rosehip Groundbait Green Bag
Price: £3.60
View Rosehip Groundbait - 900g

Rosehip Hard Feed Pellets

Our Hard Feed Pellets are produced for feeding...
Hard Feed Pellets Green Bag
Price: £5.99 - £30.99
View Rosehip Hard Feed Pellets

Rosehip Floaters (orange) - 550ml

These are a rubbery biscuit floater that are soft...
Rosehip Floaters
Price: £3.99
View Rosehip Floaters (orange) - 550ml

Rosehip Cork Dust Pop Ups (Chodders) 200ml

Ultra buoyant cork dust pop ups, with staying power...
Rosehip Chodders
Price: £6.99
View Rosehip Cork Dust Pop Ups (Chodders) 200ml

Rosehip Mini Pop Ups

These Pop ups are as buoyant...
Rosehip mini popups
Price: £6.99
View Rosehip Mini Pop Ups

Rosehip Paste - 200ml

Easy to use and adaptable...
Rosehip Paste
Price: £3.49
View Rosehip Paste - 200ml

Rosehip Flavour

Iconic, prolific and consistent. Rosehip is a proven fish-catcher...
Rosehip Flavouring
Price: £4.99
View Rosehip Flavour

Rosehip Isotonic

One of our best known baits, Rosehip Isotonic has a carp catching pedigree recognised...
Rosehip Isotonic Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Rosehip Isotonic

Rosehip Red

Rosehip Isotonic combined with the classic Robin Red, equals double trouble for the carp...
Rosehip Red Boilies
Price: £5.99
View Rosehip Red

Rosehip Blanche

The classic Rosehip now in white. The subtle scented fruit flavour offers lingering attraction...
Rosehip Blanche Isotonic Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £37.99
View Rosehip Blanche

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