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Frozen Spirulina Shellfish 15mm boilies

NEW Frozen Spirulina Shellfish

£9.99 - £39.99

“Flying Fish Mix” is how we like to describe the base of this proven fish-catcher.

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Frozen Rosehip Isotonic 15mm boilies

NEW Frozen Rosehip Isotonic

£9.99 - £39.99

Rosehip Isotonic needs no introduction. This bait has been the “go-to” bait of many an angler when the going gets really tough (even the well-known guys, who claim to have caught on something else!).

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Frozen Belachan Shrimp 15mm boilies

NEW Frozen Belachan Shrimp

£9.99 - £39.99

We’re a modest bunch here at Mistral, but sometimes things just need saying how they are: this bait is simply awesome!

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Red aggressor boilies

Red Aggressor

Instant Range carp fishing boilies

£5.99 - £35.99

30th Anniversary Bait

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Rosehip Isotonic Boilies

Rosehip Isotonic

Specialist Range

£3.99 - £39.99

One of our best known baits, Rosehip Isotonic has a carp catching pedigree recognised around the world.

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Carp Bait Shop

After 28 years of making carp bait, our boilies are fully tested and produced to an extremely high standard.  Our range of carp bait includes the Instant Range, Essential Range and the Specialist Range, featuring the celebrated Rosehip Isotonic Boilies, meaning that there is a carp bait for all of your fishing needs.  Also, stocked in our bait shop is a range of barbel baits, endorsed by Bob Roberts.

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Please call or email us if you require shipping to addresses outside of these countries.  Please note we are unable to accept orders under £10. We will endeavour to dispatch your order within 5 working days.  However, if an item is out of stock it may take longer.


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