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The Essentials

All the extra baits you need to ensure you have a successful days fishing.

The Cloud

A great cloudy mix full of shrimps and daphnia...
The Cloud 900g
Price: £3.99
View The Cloud

Activators - 250ml

Add your choice of activator for an individual colour...
Price: £7.99
View Activators - 250ml

Boilie Chopper

The Boilie Chopper will take roughly 2 to 3 handfuls...
Boilie Chopper
Price: £14.99
View Boilie Chopper

Groundbait - 900g

Four great groundbaits which all have superb...
Coconut Ice Groundbait
Price: £3.60
View Groundbait - 900g

Floaters 550ml

These are a rubbery biscuit floater...
Sweet Biscuit Floaters (natural)
Price: £3.99
View Floaters 550ml

Chodders 200ml

Ultra buoyant cork dust pop ups, with staying power...
Cork Dust Chodders
Price: £6.99
View Chodders 200ml

Hempseed - 325g

Superb cooked hempseed...
Hempseed with Natural Yellow Sweetcorn
Price: £2.49
View Hempseed - 325g

Mini Ten Pellets

A blend of over ten different pellets...
Mini Ten Pellets 5kg & 900g
Price: £4.99 - £23.95
View Mini Ten Pellets

Maxi Ten Pellets

Larger 6-11 mm mixed pellets.
Maxi Ten Pellets 5kg & 900g
Price: £4.99 - £23.95
View Maxi Ten Pellets

Spod Particles 4kg

These Spod Particles are designed to...
Spod Particles
Price: £14.99
View Spod Particles 4kg

Mini Pop Ups

These tiny 6mm mini pop ups are extremely...
Mini Pop Ups
Price: £6.99
View Mini Pop Ups

Tiger Nuts

Our tiger nuts are put into re-sealable...
Tiger Nuts - 600ml
Price: £4.99
View Tiger Nuts

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