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Specialist Range

In our range you'll only find proven baits, ones I use myself. I'm very proud of our boilie range and hopefully you'll see that this isn't just a sales list.

Sweet Biscuit

A natural progression from the i40 - sweeter and...
Sweet Biscuit Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Sweet Biscuit

Belachan Shrimp

Lots of fishmeal, krill protein concentrate, belachan...
Belachan Shrimp Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Belachan Shrimp

Chilli Pepper

Hot & sweet peppers - spicy baits at their very best
Chilli Pepper Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Chilli Pepper

Red Birdspice

A hot chilli and spicy bait made with lots of Haiths...
Red Birdspice Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Red Birdspice

Garlic Butter

Very tasty, richly flavoured without stinking the place...
Garlic Butter Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Garlic Butter

Rosehip Isotonic

One of our best known baits, Rosehip Isotonic has...
Rosehip Isotonic Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Rosehip Isotonic

Rosehip Blanche

The classic Rosehip now in white.
Rosehip Blanche Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Rosehip Blanche

Rosehip Red

Rosehip Isotonic combined with the classic Robin...
Rosehip Red Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Rosehip Red

Crab and Crawfish

Crab & Crawfish was in our range...
Crab and Crawfish Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Crab and Crawfish

E Le Terrible

This boilie is exceptionally popular in France...
E Le Terrible Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View E Le Terrible

Peach and Black Pepper

Great tasting peppery peach flavour with...
Peach and Black Pepper Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £39.99
View Peach and Black Pepper

Smelly Wotsit

Sweet and savoury, creamy orange boilies with...
Smelly Wotsit Boilies
Price: £3.99 - £5.99
View Smelly Wotsit

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