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Instant Range carp fishing boilies

Hugely popular, and offering great value for money the carp bait recipes in the Instant Carp Food range use a high energy balanced nutritional base mix that releases attractors fast. The carp fishing boilies in the range is carefully tailored with select ingredients, taste enhancers and sweetener to produce a bait that tastes as good as it smells, ensuring carp feed hard whether introducing boilies in small quantities for one carp at a time or applied heavily through longer sessions. Highly digestible, Instant Carp Food performs brilliantly summer or winter, and uses our most effective attractor combinations from over 20 years commercial bait manufacture. From fruit classics such as Pure Pineapple and Tutti Fruiti to the pungent new Squid & Black Pepper, there’s a bait in the range to suit every taste.

Squid & Black Pepper

A balanced content fishmeal base with...
Squid & Black Pepper Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Squid & Black Pepper

Go Nutz

Very popular sweet and nutty with excellent attraction.
Go Nutz Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Go Nutz

Coconut Ice

White with a gorgeous coconut cream aroma...
Coconut Ice Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Coconut Ice

Pure Pineapple

Kids' sweets again by the smell of them. Terrific...
Pure Pineapple Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Pure Pineapple

Tutti Fruiti

What can we say about this one? An absolute...
Tutti Fruiti Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Tutti Fruiti


We all know just how much whales gorge..
Kriller Boliies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Kriller

Purple Plum

Beautiful smelling purple boilies that you know...
Purple Plum Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Purple Plum


Tropicana is bright orange in colour with a very...
Tropicana Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £35.99
View Tropicana

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