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Tom Jehu

For as long as I can remember I have been an angler, in every discipline that I have had access to. As a junior I was a keen fly angler, and after years of practice and dedication I managed to obtain a position in the Welsh youth teams which gave me the honour of representing my country in two home Internationals and 1 World championship before I was 16 years old.

While fly fishing was my main focus I was also a very keen match angler and that’s where my interest in carp was first ignited at around the age of 12. I quickly developed a love for carp and pretty soon the urge to get out on the bank was growing more and more fierce with every session. I worked hard to develop my skills over the next few years and I eventually started targeting waters with bigger fish. I put aside the fly and match gear and started to target the bigger residents in my local lakes with a dedicated carp set up.

I still have an interest in all other disciplines of angling although I rarely deviate from my personal carp fishing targets. I now fish at least twice a week and since using Mistral Baits I have noticed an increase in the numbers of carp that I catch. I use Atlantic Crab exclusively and it is responsible for my current PB of 37lb 12oz. No matter what time of year Atlantic Crab is my number one go to bait and it produces fish everywhere I take it. The only time I use anything different is when I add maxi ten pellets and corn to my bait mix at certain times of the year, but boilies will always make up at least 50% of my mixture.

Looking forward, I have a number of target waters that hold some incredibly special carp and with Atlantic Crab in my arsenal I feel that it’s only a matter of time before I add some of those beauties to my photo album.


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