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Glen Wheatley

I was 7 when had my first experience of fishing.  I went mackerel fishing on holiday and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to go every day of the holiday.

When I got back I headed to my local tackle shop for advice, bought my first rod and went to the nearest lake.

Some years later after catching silvers and the odd small carp, I was catching carp after carp and the obsession started.  I spent many an evening and weekend on the bank in pursuit of more and bigger carp, learning new tips and tactics along the way to put in my armoury.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to catch good sized carp here and abroad with a good number of 20s, 30s, a couple of 40s and a pb of 67lb 8oz common.

I've been using Mistral Baits for a few years now.  Seeing them from ingredients to finished product, the quality is second to none, and to be involved in such a  prestigious and well established company is a privilege.

See you on the bank sometime.


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