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Duncan Warmeant

When I was 8 I started fishing for perch and brown trout on my local river. One day a friend of mine invited me to fish with him on his dad's pond and my first catch was a 5lb carp.  From that day on I was hooked on carp fishing and spent most of my summer holidays there.

Over the next few years I joined a local fishing club. I spent most nights and weekends at the lakes fishing and talking to the local carp anglers about rigs and tactics. I spent many a day up trees watching carp and studying their feeding habits; it soon paid of as I started to catch some of the water's bigger residents.

I now have a long history of lakes that I have fished in and around the Sussex and Kent area, far too many to name but all magical in their own way.

I have caught a good number of carp over the years both here in the UK and abroad this includes numerous twenties, thirties and a personal best of 43lb 8oz

When I visited Mistral's headquarters I was blown away by the company's experience, their attention to detail in their baits and producing nothing less than a quality carp bait. Being part of the Mistral team is a real privilege. I know that anything they produce is going to be a winner season after season.

Tight lines, Dunc


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