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Andy Parr

Confidence is key and with the job I have and the pressure that comes with it the last thing I need is to be thinking about bait when I’m angling and trying to relax. Most of my sessions are over nighters or 36 hour max so I need to 100% confident that I know that bait is working for me.

I’m a boilie angler and 95% of the time I don’t stray away from this, Since joining Mistral I have only used the Atlantic Crab and Rosehip Isotonic as a 50/50 mix and it’s something I have total confidence in all year around.

My angling see’s me visit a number of day ticket venues all over the UK as well as also been a member of a local syndicate so I require a bait that will not only have an instant approach but also something I can use to pre bait or a season long campaign.

Just remember fishing is meant to be a hobby don’t take it too serious and enjoy it.

Good luck, Andy


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