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NEW Frozen Baits

NEW Frozen Spirulina Shelfish

“Flying Fish Mix” is how we like to describe the base of this proven fish-catcher.
Spirulina Shelfish SGC Pro
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen Spirulina Shelfish

NEW Frozen Rosehip Isotonic

Rosehip Isotonic needs no introduction. This bait has been the “go-to”...
Frozen Rosehip Isotonic 15mm boilies
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen Rosehip Isotonic

NEW Frozen Belachan Shrimp

Sometimes things just need saying how they are: this bait is simply awesome!
Frozen Belachan Shrimp 15mm boilies
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen Belachan Shrimp

NEW Frozen MB1 +

Carp love sweet creamy things so in comes our Milk B+ enhancer...
frozen MB1 15mm 1kg
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen MB1 +

NEW Frozen Atlantic Crab

A great classic with improved attractors and spices. The smell is mouthwateringly special...
frozen atlantic crab 5kg
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen Atlantic Crab

NEW Frozen Salted Caramel

For all of those that loved the i40 and the sweet Biscuit, this is the third generation...
frozen salted caramel
Price: £8.99 - £37.99
View NEW Frozen Salted Caramel

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