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Barbel Range

Bob Roberts - Mistral Baits Team"After 20 years of using Mistral Baits, I have helped create a dedicated barbel range, suited to big rivers.

The Severn Trent barbel boilie contains my favourite barbel ingredients, fishmeal, krill, fermented shrimp, crushed high protein pellets and milk proteins.  Add a generous helping of the excellent new belachan shrimp food additive and we get firm yet slightly softer boilies that are ideal for most barbel fishing situations. These ingredients are all well known barbel attractors so you can expect good results when using them.

The three sizes of pellet suits my mixed pellet, hemp and broken boilie approach perfectly. This melange can be further enhanced by adding some of our Shrimp Glug."

Bob Roberts

Severn Trent Barbel Boilies - 1kg

A truly tasty boilie made on a milk...
Severn Trent Barbel Boilies
Price: £9.99
View Severn Trent Barbel Boilies - 1kg

Halibut Pellets - 325g

Rust coloured pre-drilled pellets ideal for carp and...
Halibut Pellets 325g Bag
Price: £2.49
View Halibut Pellets - 325g

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