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Paul Cook

I started fishing in the late 70s, mainly on rivers for chub, 2lb line and 3/4 lb bottom. It was on this tackle on a still water that I caught my first carp! All 5lb of it (not bad considering the light tackle).  I then packed in fishing due to family and work commitments, however about 15 years ago on a caravan park with a lake, I met a friend who had some fishing tackle.  He set me a rod up and I caught a tench within 5 mins.  I returned a week later with my own gear and had 8 tench and a carp.  The rest is history (as the saying goes I was well and truly hooked)

Since then I have been a keen angler, on the verge of obsession.  My main target species are carp, however I am not adverse to pike, cats, eels or anything else that swims.  If I am not fishing, I am thinking about fishing or doing something to do with fishing, be it tying rigs, making pop ups or boiling hemp (now a thing of the past hopefully,  as I will be using the fantastic Mistral Bait range).

I started using Mistral Baits in 2007 after someone in France gave me a kilo of Rosehip Isotonic as it worked on the venue  lots of Chats and Crays.  I had 32 carp,10 doubles, 10 twenties, 10 thirties and 2 forties, all thanks to the Rosehip Isotonic.  I have used it on lots of different venues and it has accounted for numerous PB's and even saved a blank near the end of a week long trip.   All my French PBs have fallen to Rosehip and the biggest to press is a 58lb mirror, again on a lake that is well known for having a chat and cray problem.  I love French carping and this year have 2 trips planned already.

On one session an angler opposite me who I didn't know, informed me he was on his 3rd day of blanking and was slightly down.  I went round and gave him some Rosehips.  Within half an hour he had landed a 36lb Mirror. That cemented our friendship and even today he is still a very good friend even though he lives over 200 miles away.

This year I will be testing other baits in the range and hope to post some good results on here as I know any bait made by Mistral will produce 'confidence in a bag'!  I have promoted it for many years prior to being a field tester, as it has always worked for me.

I am very fortunate that my good lady is my fishing partner and we go on most trips together  (she is very capable and has netted hundreds of carp).

I am very sociable so if you are passing and you spot me, call in for a cuppa.  The kettle is always close by- you never know you might get a biscuit or bun.


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