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Martin Lawrence

The evening of June 16th 1976 at London Colney was where it happened. It wasn’t called Carp Fever then, but that’s what I got from a little six pound mirror caught on a float fished luncheon meat and marmite special.  The fever still courses through my veins forty years on. 

I’ve lived, worked and fished in various parts of East Anglia, but have always had a soft spot for the Ouse Valley in Cambridgeshire. I love fishing for old English scaly chunks, not necessarily of monster proportions, just so long as they make me buzz when I see them in the water, and punch the air when they hit the back of the landing net.

Bivvy Tramps Cover

In 2011 I fulfilled a dream when my first book, Bivvy Tramps – a fenland tale, was published by Tim Paisley at Angling Publications. It’s a fishing novel based around characters on a quest for the legendary Fat Lady in St Ives Lagoon. This was followed a couple of years later by Bivvy Tramps –the ultimate rig, a tale in which Kes Waterman and his mates go in search of French lumps and the awesome Black Jack from St Ives Fjords. I have also written articles and tongue-in-cheek blogs for Carpworld magazine.

This year I have been using several of Mistral’s boilies (Chilli Pepper, Squid and Black Pepper and Belachan Shrimp) and have caught well on them at both the St Ives complex and on Bluebell Lakes. I am therefore delighted to join the Mistral team, and spread the word about a seriously impressive range of baits.


Mistral Baits Boilie Field Test

Mistral Baits Boilie Field Test View Article

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