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Mark Britton

I started fishing at the age of 8, fishing the local canal for perch and roach with my father and younger brother. I didn't really get into carp fishing till the age of 21 when I got talking to a sales assistant in the local tackle shop who talked me into buying my first carp rod and reel. I set off to the local canal and cast out some legered luncheon meat which resulted in a 12lb mirror carp . From then on I was hooked.  I bought all the carp tackle I could afford including my first boilies: rosehip isotonic and crab and crawfish from Mistral.

I am now currently fishing an 83 acre low stocked lake which holds some huge fish of 40lb plus and specimen sized bream. A session on there can be hit and miss but rewards come to anglers that put in the time and effort.

I can't put into words how excited I am to become part of team Mistral and look forward to fishing alongside the other team members.



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