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Jay Taylor

I started fishing at a young age on the River Stour in Dorset, mainly for Perch, Chub, Roach and Pike. I also visited local carp lakes and small fisheries and really enjoyed it.

After a few years "fishing free", I hooked up with my old fishing buddy from the River Stour, Chris Withall, and we decided to film our progress and put the videos on 'YouTube'. Our fishing series is called Back Of The Landing Net and it follows the pair of us rediscovering carp fishing and making new discoveries in terms of tactics and different approaches along the way.

Following on from the success of Back Of The Landing Net, I now co-present a new blog with Charlie Luckham, also of Mistral Baits called “Real Carpy”.  These are short, snappy videos following our sessions.

I work full time and fishing is limited to weekends, evenings and holiday time. Chris and I very much represent the typical Carp Fisherman, with limited time and with high ambitions, always learning. I love to catch carp of all sizes and fish a syndicate lake with specimen carp to 40lb, as well as day ticket waters with smaller but equally impressive and beautiful carp.

I have been part of the Mistral Team for 5 years and to use a quality bait like Mistral is a dream come true. I have seen an instant impact in the amount of fish I have caught since using the various baits on offer.

My current PB is 38lb10oz caught using a Mistral Baits Rosehip Isotonic.



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