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Advanced Range

We have combined some of the best ingredients that money can buy to create the advanced range. We use ingredients that may cost you the earth if you bought them by the kilo. For example we use krill meal, shrimp meal and low temperature fish meals, Bio CP, belachan, yeasts and many other ingredients too numerous to mention. Many of the ingredients have come into fashion recently but we have been using them for the past 20 years, even longer in some instances.

This range of bait is designed to attract carp using a fabulous base mix and natural attractors.We know that for a long-term bait a natural, low powered flavour, is important. You don’t need strong flavours. The natural goodness of the base mix with some well proven attractors is all you need. Perfect for many seasons fishing without changing baits.

Coconut Krill

The Coconut Krill range is designed with instant...
Coconut Krill Boilies
Price: £5.99 - £39.99
View Coconut Krill

4 Season

This mix has everything that a carp needs...
4 Season Boilie
Price: £5.99 - £42.99
View 4 Season

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